User agreement

  1. General

1.1. This user agreement (referred to hereinafter as the Agreement) governs the use of online service (referred to hereinafter as the Service) provided by Tmi Stylework Finland (referred to hereinafter as the Service Provider). When a person (referred to hereinafter as the User) completes the registration process or orders product/s, he or she agrees to this Agreement.

Contact information of Service Provider:
Tmi Stylework Finland
Notkotie 11-13
FIN-04130 Sipoo
Business ID: FI-2641698

1.2. Your use of the Service or registration into the Service constitutes your agreement to the terms contained in this agreement as well as your agreement to comply with these terms.

1.3. Service Provider holds the rights of the contents of the Service. Service Provider also reserves the right to alter the content of the Service (including this agreement) without notifying the User.


  1. Registration

2.1. Ordering from the Service does not require registration.

2.2. The User can register by filling in the required information in the registration form and choosing a password.

2.3. The registration is free.


  1. Privacy policy

3.1. Service Provider is responsible for the proper handling of the information given by the User and for protecting the User’s privacy. The information given by the User will be stored in the client registry of the Service.

3.2. Required information for registering include the User’s first name, last name, full address, telephone number and e-mail address (the latter will be used as user identifier when the User logs into the Service). Corporate clients are also required to give their company name and Business ID.

3.3. Service Provider will not give out the personal information received from users to any outside parties.

3.4. The information in the client registry can be used in online direct marketing only if the user has given his consent to it.

3.5. The User has the right to view and change his personal information in the Service. If the User wishes to have his personal information removed from the registry, the User must contact our customer service.


  1. User’s responsibilities

4.1. The User is responsible for all use done with his identifier and password and for ensuring the use follows the terms of this agreement. The User is responsible for concealing his password.

4.2. The User is fully responsible for any damage caused to the Service, other users or third parties that result from breaking the terms of this agreement, the law or from improper conduct.


  1. The Validity of the Order

5.1. The trade agreement is valid once Service Provider has sent the User a confirmation of order by e-mail.

5.2. Communication between the parties is handled through e-mail. The User agrees to monitor his e-mail account for the confirmation after placing an order.

5.3. The User has the right to cancel his order by e-mail before the order has been delivered. The delivery is considered complete when Service Provider has shipped the order or parts of the order.

5.4. When the User has made an order, Service Provider no longer has the right to change the terms of the agreement.

5.5. Service Provider reserves the right to decline the order.


  1. Prices

6.1. The price of the product is the price shown on the site with other product information at the time of the order.

6.2. Delivery costs will be added to the final price. Delivery costs will depend on the method of delivery chosen by the User, the country of the recipient and the weight or volume weight (1 m3 =250kg)

6.3. The delivery costs will be shown in the Service before the order is finished.

6.4. The Service displays the prices and delivery costs in Euros (EUR).

6.5. When selling and shipping products within the EU, the displayed prices include the value added tax (VAT) determined by Finnish legislation.

6.6. When selling and shipping products outside the EU, the recipient of the product is responsible for local taxes, toll fees and other such payments.


  1. Terms of delivery

7.1. Service Provider delivers the sold products to the User based on the delivery agreement made with a third party.

7.2. Shipping costs will be added to the order. The shipping costs of each order can be seen in the Shipping method section of the Service.

7.3. Time of the delivery depends on the order. The availability of the product, the destination of the shipment and the chosen method of delivery all affect the time of delivery. The estimated delivery times are average delivery times that are based on studies and delivery routes. Delivery times are counted from working days only (Mo-Fri).

The given time estimates are average delivery times and therefore the Service Provider are not to be held responsible if these time estimates are not met 100% and cannot therefore refund any lost time due to the international post regulations.

Custom handling in the receiving end is not included in the delivery time estimates.

7.4. Service Provider is not accountable for delays or indirect damages caused by delays due to force majeure.

7.5. The customer is obligated to make sure that the content of the order does not violate local import regulations. The service provider has the right to remove products from the order, if they are in violation of local import regulations in the given country and will refund these as it sees fit.

7.6. Service Provider reserves the right to deliver the ordered products in separate shipments.

7.7. The customer is responsible to provide accurate shipping address with the order. If the order needs to be shipped out again, because of insufficient consignee address, the customer is held responsible for all additional costs of the parcel shipping.

7.8. Service Provider is accountable for loss or breaking of products during shipment.


  1. Returns

8.1. The consumer has the right, granted by the Finnish consumer protection legislation, to cancel his order by notifying Service Provider of it within fourteen (14) days of receiving the order.

8.2. The terms of returns are that

1. The order has been cancelled according to the terms and conditions by notifying Stylework Finland within 14 days of
delivery to the mail address
2. The product has not been used.
3. The product is in the condition that the customer received it in and all the parts of the product are included in the package.
4. The product has been repackaged in its original or an equivalent package.

8.3. The product must be returned immediately after cancelling the order.

8.4. When returning a product the client is responsible for transport risks.


  1. Defective products and products damaged in transport

9.1. Our customer service should be notified of defective products or products damaged during transport within 24 hours of receiving the product.

9.2. Service Provider will compensate for defective products or products damaged during transport primarily by replacing the damaged product with a new, equivalent product. If this is not possible, the buyer will be compensated for his money in full.

9.3. The defect of or the damage suffered by the product must be properly described and documented.

9.4. The defective or damaged product must be sent to Service Provider for inspection.

9.5. Service Provider will not deliver a new product or compensate for the price of the product until the defect or damage has been verified.


  1. Solving disputes

10.1. Finnish law will be applied to all disputes arising under this User Agreement.

10.2. All disputes arising under this agreement which cannot be solved by mutual agreement shall be solved in the district court of Helsinki.